Drift, Jump and Drive with Monster Racing Bikes

Drift, Jump and Drive with Monster Racing Bikes

Most men love the groove and the engine sound of the racing bikes not only in the real life scenario but even at the tablet or smartphone. Experience the thrill climbing up the mountains, rocky hills and zigzag railways as you played these mobile bike racing games found to your PlayStore. You will be fed with ideas on the parts of the mobile bicycles as to their engines, 4WD’s, suspensions and tires. Apart from that, there are several stages of places to choose from, missions and tricks to collect more coins. You may also buy new stages or tricks after gathering a huge amount of coins. You can download free apps or in-app purchases for you to enjoy the privileges of the mobile bike racing entertainment.

Top 5 Free Racing Bikes in Your Android Google Play

Bike Race Free

It has a rating of 4.5 based on 1,657,286 customer reviews. It requires a 2.3 Android version; it is recently updated last February 2, 2016, and developed by Top Free Games. Enjoy hundreds of crazy road tracks, extreme stunts, various stunning bikes and you may compete with the other online players.

AE 3D Motor – Moto Bike Racing

Out of 68,919 customer reviews, this game has earned a rating of 4.2. It is recently updated last November 23, 2015, and developed by AE Mobile. This game features realistic tracks, vehicles, and sceneries. It has a tilt control, vivid sound and it hit on the sales chart between no. 1 to 2 rank around China, Japan, Taiwan, Mexico and the USA.

Bike Mayhem Free

With a rating of 4.2 based on the 168,962 customer reviews, this game is compatible with lower 1.5 versions and recently updated last May 8, 2015. Its main features include powerful leader boards, tricks, flips and bunny hops, 80 plus gear spare parts and 100 more trails in different rail styles.

SBK15 Official Mobile Fame

Having a 4.2 rating from 118,927 customer reviews, the game requires a higher version starting at 4.0.3 because of its effects and graphic resolution compatibility. This game is developed by Digital Tales S.r.l. Encounter these awesome features which are 3D realistic graphics and dynamic effects, 13 competition rounds, enhance engines, 9 configurations for maximum control versatility, 24 elite bike riders in 14 teams and 3 game modes (Time Attack, Quick Race, and Championship).

Drag Racing – Bike Edition

Around 373,131 customer reviews, a rating of 4.2 was given to this game. It requires a 2.3 version, updated last September 10, 2015, and developed by Creative Mobile. It has 10 levels of bike races categories and 17 sports bikes for competitive real life racing challenges.

Online VS Downloadable Forge of Empire Cheats

You can manipulate the Forge of Empire through the use of technical hacking tools. You may select a website or look for downloadable software to execute the Forge of Empires Cheats and hacks. These tools, whether taken from a site or run through software, the hacking effect is just the same yet there is a need to assess the reliability of these two alternatives.

What might be the possible consequences?

In dealing with Forge of Empires Hack websites, you have to testify whether the site is legit through referrals, reading blogs and comments. Many players are being victims of scams and password hacks because there are several fraudulent sites that steal accounts to use it for their own. Look for a site that does not require your user name or e-mail especially if you are in-doubt on the website. In addition, a site is reliable if it can be shared through social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Moreover, you may look for the certification or license of the site for security purposes. An example of a website offering online Forge of Empires Cheats is this one.

On the other hand, Forge of Empires Cheats using downloadable software is more reliable than a website. The idea is a setup.exe can be downloaded from your Android, iOS or PC and run the game while activating the codes. You don’t need to worry because the software is on your gadget and you can control the hacking unlike in a browser site whereas someone is doing the hacking system for you. You can acquire unlimited gold, supplies, forge points, diamonds and cash in an instant.

The only argument in dealing with hack tools and cheat engines is the tendency of the game to be corrupted, caused it to lag or shutdown. Be sure to search for the best hack and cheat software or sites that do not cause technical failures on your gameplay.

Ultimate General: Gettysburg Takes You Back to the Civil War

Ultimate General: Gettysburg Takes You Back to the Civil War

Having a hard time looking for a game that will definitely suit your preferences when it comes to military or war genre games? Thanks to the Ultimate General Gettysburg because it was introduced to the gadget world and fulfill the player’s satisfaction. The main features of the game were categorized into seven which include:

  • challenging combats with AI interface that comes with different characters such as aggressive, dynamic, indecisive, cunning, cautious, careless and defensive
  • Advantages to terrain covering the accuracy, morale bonuses and weapon ranges as well as the triumph of the player.
  • Tactics that captivates your realistic morale.
  • Taking commands, soldiers with freewill, dynamic progress and manageable controls.

Can you run it?

The ultimate general Gettysburg game is a product of Games Labs LLC. It has a size of 669.4 MB and inculcated with various genres such as historical, strategic and simulation type. It is compatible to gaming platforms which include Linux, the Ubuntu 14.04, Mint 17 version, Mac OS X with 10.7.0+ version and Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems. It is played on two modes which are single player as well as multi-player game. Its languages both in audio and text formats are translated into English and released last October 16, 2014.

A Few Hints, Tips and Tricks for UG: Gettysburg

The synopsis of the game is based on the reality and strategy for tablets and PC game play that revolves around the American Civil War. The Battle of Gettysburg is the milestone in commemorating the America’s Civil War 150th anniversary celebration. A historical report of 51,000 brave soul soldiers battled during July 1 to 3 of 1863 in the small city of Pennsylvania, which is Gettysburg. The navigation tools and commands, vicinity maps, significant geographical areas, historical data of the people, units and places are the basic features of the game to have a full preparation combat weapon and armors on the battle for Confederate as well as Union. You have to think logically, have amazing tactics and set yourself as if you actually fought for the Civil War. As a game player, you have to be imaginative, become furious and curious to deal with the game successfully. Reading FAQs, forums, reviews, walkthroughs and tutorials over the internet, gaming books and magazines will assist you to become a pro gamer. Share and invite your friends on this exciting, thrilling, action-filled and tactical game to experience American Civil War games!

Metro 2033: Wars – Reviewed

Metro 2033: Wars – Reviewed

Anyone who knows even a quad about gaming knows how big of a name Metro is. The games are based on the post apocalyptic novels of Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky and have been regarded as some of the best games of the seventh and eight generations of consoles. However, the latest entry in the series, Metro 2033: Wars, is a very different than its elder brothers. Available on the iOS, Metro 2033: Wars is not a shooter, but instead a turn-based, open-world strategy game.

The basic premise of the handheld game see you, the players, trying to attempt to survive in a post-nuclear Moscow, where most of the still alive and not mutated inhabitants have retreated underground into the sanctuary of the city’s glorious subway, the namesake Metro. But it’s not just a matter of planting crops and waiting for mother nature to let you reap her bounty, oh no. If you are to survive, then you are going to have to gather all manners of resources. These can be used to trade with, fight or commandeer a massive total of 189 Metro stations that are run by the 24 different factions present in the game.

Launched on December 17th 2015, Metro 2033: Wars is made by TapStar Interactive (that’s not the studio who made the iconic consoles games, just in case you were wondering). The game features a rather rich atmosphere and a grand scope of things that can be done in it, from scavenging in the tiniest of corners to continuously building your squad, something is always bound to keep you busy. While the game is turn-based strategy game, it certainly has elements of horror survival implemented into it. Throughout most of your relentless scavenging, you will be trying to avoid combat like the plague as even a small squad of enemies has the potential of eliminating your squad. Trust us, going in guns blazing doesn’t work here. Instead you’re going to find yourself carefully plan your routes as you try to waste few precious resources and try to get as many as you can in return to hoard. Always. Because gamers love to hoard. It’s really an engaging game that really let’s strategy and discipline take front and centre here.

One thing rather puzzling about Metro 2033: Wars, is that there are no in-app purchases. Absolutely none. You have access to everything the game has to offer once you plunge out the initial $7.99. This is a rather welcome change in a trend where every game, paid or not, always offers some sort of in-app purchase store. What this means though, is that the game is very balanced and your power is only proportional to the amount of time and effort you have put into the game, instead of money. Will this change in the future? We don’t know. But for now, it’s definitely a point to applaud TapStar for in our books.

Metro 2033: Wars is a fun game that really promises a good deal of content and fun, without the fear of that annoyingly OP guy who spent all of his mom’s money on that super rare, special edition squad-mates chest. If you are a fan of the series, this will easily eat away at your precious time. And if you’re not, then the price of admittance alone is worth it.